Race to Alaska

2022 has a separate page now: Race to Alaska

2023: Let’s not take things so seriously this time around

Training plan: Scrabble around in customers’ boats working as long and hard as I can but nonetheless remain fearful I’ve overcommitted myself. Maybe go rowing once in a while.

Equipment plan: Aspire to greatness but really just get a coat of paint/varnish on and adjust my oar situation for better leverage (aka lower gearing that allows me to row into the wind).

Scheduling plan: Get to Victoria, wave to all the fans and racer, then head to Portland, Oregon for a wedding. Give everyone a two day head start on me leaving Victoria.

Travel plan: Row without getting myself so exhausted that I’m scared, maybe I’ll make it to Port McNeill. It would be cool if I were to stage my sailboat there and cruise it home. Then I’ll get on a big old jet airliner to the Azores, meet my sweetie Dave Linger and sail with him the rest of the way to Europe on his Class 40 race boat. It’ll be a lot faster than a rowboat, and nary a beach in sight!