R2AK Rowing Training: May 2022

May 1-2 Brinnon to Seattle


Started in Brinnon about 2pm, after relaxing at my parents’ in honor of my mom’s birthday. Gosh I love rowing in Hood Canal–it’s so peaceful and beautiful! Surprised some family friends by showing up on their doorstep without them hearing a car in the driveway–tee hee. Then discretely camped at Thorndyke Bay (thanks Joth/Baywater Shellfish!).

I love seeing Teresa
Can you spot the shipwreck?

Got an early (6am) start on day 2, hoping to catch the flood, and only a little rain near Hood Canal Bridge. Happy to enjoy the toilets at Kitsap County Park Salsbury Point. The row to Seattle was pleasant and uneventful, other than a Nordhaven willing to run me down near Edmonds–I think they were on autopilot with no lookout, and only going 5 kts on an unswerving collision course with me. Rude.

Wall of shame. Sadly, no name on the back to call them out by.

When I got to Shilshole marina in Seattle, Dave met me to take the boat through the locks to his floating home on Lake Union, and I drove his car there. All told day two for me was 38 miles in 11 hours, for an average of 3.4 mph.

May 6 to 8: Seattle to Sequim

Seattle to Kingston for the abbreviated “Dirty 30”, which was very rainy. Then homebound to Port Angeles, or rather Dungeness Landing (close enough!). More details to come! http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=7655862

May 15: Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club in San Francisco!

May 21: Day-tripping Port Angeles

10 am start, went west for 5 hours, returned home. 35.5 miles in 9.5 hours, mostly with helpful current (excluding the tide rips), calm outbound, a following wind on the return home. Thought a LOT about wave action. Photos/video to come.


May 22: Lazy day Port Angeles

Yesterday I rowed west, so today I rowed east, but remembering last time I went to Dungeness spit and got stuck there, I stayed close to PA and lounged on a beach after about 6 miles of rowing. Lounged just long enough to catch the westerly headwind on my last 3 miles back. :p