Beginner’s Screenshots

Well, my back is stiff from yanking it on heavy things at work yesterday, so I’m finally doing one of those there blog posts about my race experience. Welcome back!

Screenshots. So handy. There was progression over time. The one I remember most distinctly was my campsite the first night out, at Ruckle Provincial Park on the southeast side of Saltspring Island. The icon on the map was so big it covered the park. Fortunately in my front-view mirror I could see tents along the shoreline! And a helpful camper knew where there was a gravel beach. But I digress.

Here are screenshots I took in Victoria, when it was apparent I had no cell phone data service.

See the cluster of three sites under the word “Park”? Eventually I slept at the top right site!
Screenshot of the all-important distance I’ve gone so far, and how far to go. Measured in terrestrial miles on
Hmmm, it seems as though I was looking for a drysuit repair place somewhere en route…

After Victoria, I next had internet in French Creek. I remember compulsively checking weather reports on Windy and Sailflow, but those screenshots are lost to time. By Lagoon Cove, however, my technique had become more refined:

Recognize these three sites? Now I knew what island to aim for, and even what SIDE of it!

Feeling increasingly freaked out, when I met Leif of Dual Fuel Services (highly recommend! He had human fuel as well as the engine kind!), he set me up with a hotspot and I took a LOT of screenshots of descriptions.

This description served me well with shelter after Cape Caution, except I did not manage that 2 meter minimum water. Also, exiting this place in the morning is where the steep waves scared me and I took a time-lapse video of me speaking very emotionally and with the heart.